Key Objectives

Through the delivery of this mixed-use scheme, One Shakespeare Ltd. have identified the following key objectives:

The project team have had and will continue to have a number of meetings with Barnet Council to adapt the scheme, to ensure that the site is optimised and fulfil the below objectives.

Improving and re-providing the existing nursery with a new purpose-built nursery.

Introducing a new quality hotel to the area with food and beverage provision, accessible for locals and guests.

Revitalising the site and its context by improving the relationship with pedestrians with the addition of an active frontage, and landscape areas around the site.

Improving the antisocial and undesirable behaviour in the district through security and surveillance, preventing issues such as vandalism and littering.

Reducing vehicle presence in the street by promoting the use of public transport and cycling.

Replacing current low quality office space with modern co-working areas, in line with the current market demand for flexible working.

Indicative CGI of the proposals


The proposed nursery will be approximately 20% larger than the existing space and will be based across one floor, with its own entrance via Popes Drive. The design team is working together with Bright Horizons to develop the new nursery brief and layouts, to provide a safe and inspiring environment for local children.

A gym is provided at 4th floor, with access to the private guest terrace with landscape and outdoor seating. The hotel accommodations will be located from the 2nd to the 11th floor of the scheme. In addition, the co-working and food and beverage areas are located on the ground floor, making it easily accessible to locals.


Proposed layout of the site, showing the different uses across the elevations.


The site sits on an ‘island’ surrounded by Shakespeare Road and Popes Drive. This generates noise and pollutants, to which the landscape proposals must actively respond.

The public realm delivered as part of this regeneration is characterised by pockets of landscape on the ground floor and green roofs, which will significantly increase biodiversity, as well as alleviating pollution. In particular, we hope to provide landscaping in the following areas:

1. At the highest elevation, the roof of the building (approximately 150m2) will become a wildflower green roof.

2. Wildlife roof gardens with additional planting will also be used at lower elevations.

3. The gym terrace will include c.11 trees and other shrubs within a raised planter.

4. The southwestern edge of the site will include c.3 trees with ground cover planting areas.


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